Immaculate Conception     Sealy Texas     Photography Information!
E-mail us: We need to know the frame number with the name that you placed on the order form,
 the church name, the date of the event  and address where photographs needs to be mail to!

If you missed delivery date?.     
   Please mail  $3 for shipping.
Eucharist or Altar (each) 1-5x7 = $10      Group 1-8x12 =$15       1-8x10 = $ 25       SP 1-8x10= $ 30
New Order or Re- Order    Please mail full payment!.
Rafael Ochoa     406 Rose Arbor      Houston, Texas 77060 

Pick up date   May 26  ( 10am To 1pm)

Note: Pictures on web only to identify candidates. NOT PRINTING QUALITY!.


May 5, 2019

May 12, 2019


Eucharist April 29, 2018

Eucharist Mayo 6, 2018


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